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Hickling Bowls Club through the years


Early Days

Hickling Bowling Club was formed on April 9th 1932 after Mr Duncanson, a local landowner, agreed to provide a green at the back of the old village hall - a site it still occupies today. Later that year club officials were appointed and rules drawn up.
In 1936 more land was obtained from the Duncanson family to enlarge the green and a whist drive was held which raised £8.6s.3d for the club and it was agreed that the club should be renamed The Duncanson Men's Bowling Club, and that Messrs E and J Duncanson should be Vice Presidents.

1940s & 1950s

The club continued to play through the War. The number of members isn't recorded but in 1948 14 attended the AGM. In 1952 there were 15 paid up members paying 5s (25p) subscriptions with a donation making an income of £3.14s.7d. Expenses were £33.5s.7d. It was agreed to raise the subscription to lOs (50p) though match fees would stay at 6d.
In 1955 ladies were invited for a competition and the following year, the Ladies Bowls Club was allowed to use the green on a couple of evenings at a fee of 5s. The 1957 AGM proposed an annual dinner at The Greyhound and the following year it was decided to buy a new grass cutter for £44.13s.2d


The 60s & 70s

In 1963 fixtures with Ludham, Statham, Hoveton, Wroxham, North VValsham and Little Crabbets were arranged. In 1967 the club raised more than £20 with two bingo sessions and it also joined a friendly league at the invitation of Trunch. At the end of the Sixties it  joined the newly formed Broadland League.
1970 brought discussion about floodlights - that was left in abeyance - but a car park at the rear of the club house was agreed, as was a gents' toilet. By 1975 green fees had gone up to 10p and the club was renamed as Hickling Mens' Bowls Club.

The 80s & 90s

In 1986 there was talk of putting in electricity and in 1990 work started on the new clubhouse, funded by a donation of £500 from the parish council, £100 from Mr R Wilson and interest free loans from members. It opened in April 1991.
In 1998 The Greyhound cup was donated to the Club. The Marjon cup was presented by John Knapton, following the death of his wife Margaret, to be contested by club members with the proceeds going to charity.
In 1999 Audrey Brooks stood down as secretary and Peter Crook took over


The 2000s & 2010s

n 2003 the subscriptions were increased £20. A second three wood team was formed and the old village hall was sold to make way for a new house. The club decided to install its own electricity supply, with a work party digging a trench to the road and Terry Watson providing the electrician's skills.In 2006 Potter Heigham invited us to a yearly contest for the Ronnie Myhill Trophy, donated by his family in his memory.  There were four BBQs in 2008 which raised more than £1,000, and in 2010 our team won the Broadland Knockout Cup.



The Covid pandemic had an impact on the club as it did on all aspects of life. In 2020 matches and roll-ups between some club members went ahead in as safe and socially-distanced way as possible. Matches were arranged between club teams, but not with other clubs. 2021 saw the return of some league matches as Covid restrictions eased in the summer.



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